Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Export Dashboard

Exporting is the best way to share the entire dashboard or just a single scenario from your dashboard. Exporting can also be useful for creating a backup. Wyn Dashboards provide the following export options as described below:

Image: Exports the dashboard as an image saved in the PNG format.

PPT: Exports the dashboard in a PPT format.

Data: Saves the data of a dashboard scenario in an Excel file (in .xlsx format).

Note: Exported dashboards and dashboard scenarios are available in your system's 'Downloads' folder.

Export Data of a Dashboard Scenario

  1. In the Dashboard Viewer, hover on the dashboard scenario for which you want to export data.

    Selecting dashboard scenario

  2. Click the Export button corresponding to the scenario and select Export Data. To export the dashboard scenario as a PNG image, select Export PNG Image .

    Exporting data
    Dashboard scenario data is saved in a tabular format in the Excel file.

    Note: For data tables, use the Export Data of Current Page or the Export Data of All Pages option to export the data.
    Exporting data in data tables

  3. Navigate to the Downloads folder and open the Excel file.

    Viewing the excel file

Export Complete Dashboard

  1. In the Dashboard Viewer, click the Export button on top of the viewer.

    Export button in the Dashboard Viewer

  2. In the Export dialog, specify the Export Format for the dashboard, that is, PNG Image or PPT. PNG Image exports the dashboard as a PNG image and PPT exports the dashboard as a PPT.

    Export dialog

  3. Select the dashboard pages you want to export, such as the current page, all pages, visible pages, or custom pages.

  4. Choose whether you want to export the dashboard pages on a single page or on multiple pages. For exporting the complete dashboard, select All Pages in the Export dialog.

  5. After specifying all the export options in the dialog, click OK.
    It takes few minutes to export the dashboard and till then the dialog shows you the export progress as shown below.

    Export Progress meter

  6. After the dashboard is successfully exported, open the image to view the exported dashboard. The following image shows the dashboard pages exported to a single image.

    Exported Dashboard on a single image