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Why Choose Wyn?

Wyn Enterprise provides organizations with complete business intelligence and world-class support.

Server-based licensing means no user fees or limits on data size.

End-to-end BI & Analytics

Wyn Enterprise provides organizations (from SMBs to enterprise-level) a complete BI and advanced analytics solution. 

Embedded BI & Analytics

Embed BI, advanced analytics, and distributed reporting in any internal or commercial application.

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BI for Your Organization

Use Wyn as an analysis and decision engine for departments across your entire organization.

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BI for SaaS

Embed BI and distributed reporting into any multi-tenant SaaS app with no per-user fees or data limitations.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Leverage analytics as part of your standard workflow.

Embedded BI

Whether it’s your enterprise business or your commercial SaaS application, Wyn empowers your users with a seamless business intelligence solution.

Embedded BI gives analysts and managers better control over their data and the way they understand it.

Dashboards and Reports

Bring your data to life. Visualize, analyze, and identify trends. Monitor your KPIs to make strategic business decisions.

Wyn's powerful reporting embedded ad hoc reporting module is driven by the same ActiveReports engine, which has led the industry for 20+ years.

Go from data to insights in minutes.

Intuitive Designers

Provide your users with an easy-to-use business intelligence tool. Intuitive designers and interactive viewers offer end-users a self-service environment, saving IT costs.


Self-Service BI

Business intelligence for the employees driving your business, or for the executives guiding your vision, Wyn gives users across any vertical an intuitive portal for interacting with their data.

Analytics that grow with your business.

Scalable Architecture

Deploy additional workers and load-balancing servers to scale up your business intelligence (as you scale up your user base), without increased costs.


Multitenancy and Data Governance

Set rules to govern your data in single-tenant or multi-tenant deployments and let Wyn do the rest. Built-in tools allow you to focus on the bigger picture without having to worry about securing your data.

Exceptional Support

Wyn Experts are available to facilitate training for your team and end-users. We offer customizable training packages to help jumpstart your deployment and adoption of Wyn Enterprise. 


Unlimited phone support

Live chat support

Email access to our Wyn Experts

Unlimited screen-share support

Better Data Insights = Better Decisions

With 30+ data visualization tools, end-users can build a variety of KPIs and dynamic report metrics, all from an embedded BI environment.

What Customers are Saying:

"We needed to distribute professional-looking reports with our unique branded style (logos and color palates). Wyn offered this white-labeling capability right out of the box."

Corie Autry, Director of IT, Anchor Risk and Claims Management

See Wyn in Action

Test drive with your own data, or take a Wyn tour in our demo video.

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