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An Embedded Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution

Wyn is an embedded BI tool that allows large organizations to do more with data. Enhance team collaboration with self-service reports and interactive BI dashboards.

Embedded BI for Your Business

Enterprise business intelligence provides a holistic view of the business. Embedding BI takes this a step further, integrating data analytics, dashboards, and BI reporting functionalities into an organization's existing software applications, reducing end-user push-back and minimizing the learning curve.

Faster Time to Insights

Enable ad hoc reporting and empower end-users to ask their own questions, drill-down on data, and create their own reports.

Increase Team Collaboration

End-users can build a variety of KPIs and dynamic report metrics, all from an embedded BI environment.

Save Time and Money

Increase team productivity and decrease BI costs with a BI tool that allows room for business growth.

Dashboards and Reports for Teams

With 30+ data visualization tools, end-users can build a variety of KPIs and dynamic report metrics, all from an embedded enterprise business intelligence environment.

Self-service BI Tools

Self-service business intelligence provides data analytics insights to every employee—even if they don't have a background in BI.

  • Empowers every end-user (technical and non-technical) to drill down on data and answer business questions quickly and easily
  • The user-friendly UI/UX of self-service BI allows the everyday user to become data-driven

View the self-service dashboard and report gallery →

Interactive Dashboards

Analyze data and deliver actionable information with interactive dashboards, multi-dimensional dynamic analysis, and intelligent drilling

End-User BI Reports

A user-friendly environment for your non-technical end-users. Advanced features for power users and IT admins.

  • Create reports from your own branded, customized templates
  • Quickly create personalized reports with pre-loaded report themes
  • Save time by scheduling and automating invoices

Pixel-perfect Reports

Ad Hoc Reports

Canned Reports

Ad Hoc Datasets

Ad Hoc Designers

Create Dashboards and Reports in Minutes.

Get an interactive look inside Wyn Enterprise. No installation is required. 

Embedded BI to Grow with Your Business

Save BI costs and maintain your budget as your business grows.

Wyn's simple, transparent licensing allows room for business growth. Embed Wyn Enterprise in an unlimited number of applications with an unlimited number of end-users, for a flat fee.

  • No per-user fees
  • No data limitations

Learn more about our unique licensing model →

Data Governance

Data security and governance play a significant role in deploying any BI tool. Role-based security ensures the appropriate people access the correct data and information across all verticals. 

Wyn offers extensible security to match your data governance protocols.

  • Identity service acts as a federation gateway for external security providers.
  • User-context tracking for enhanced data access control
  • Multi-level hierarchal security means granular data control that offers another layer of privacy

See What our Customers are Saying:

"Low TCO (was cost-effective for us), the support, ease of use, availability of the product, and how quickly we could get up and running with it."

~ Corie Autry, Director of IT, Anchor Risk and Claims Management

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"In my use of Wyn, it has not run into any issues and all scheduled reports have been generated and distributed flawlessly."

~ EAMS Product Owner

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"Enterprise-grade report server with extensive report design functionality packaged in web-based designer with access to excellent product support from the GrapeCity team."

~ Enterprise Account Management System Product Owner

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