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Securely Unify Patient Data with a Healthcare BI Solution

With an excess of disconnected systems in the current healthcare landscape, it can be challenging to gather all relevant data to visualize essential trends and outcomes.

Using ad hoc reporting, you can generate comprehensive data visualizations and reports in less time.

Embeddable BI & Analytics

Embed analytics within your current apps and leverage analytics as part of your standard workflow.

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End-to-End Security

With Wyn's built-in, role-based access,  end-users can share data securely.

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Interactive BI Dashboards

Users can develop dashboards and reports based on the secured data with easy-to-use dashboard designers.

  • Create ad hoc visualizations and reports with drill-down and cross-filter functionality.
  • Generate real-time reporting and detailed visualizations to build a variety of KPIs and dynamic report metrics.
End-User BI Reports

Streamline your operational and transactional reporting processes across your organization.

  • Create reports from your own branded, customized templates.
  • Quickly create personalized reports with pre-loaded report themes.
  • Pixel-perfect print outputs
  • Save time by scheduling and automating invoices.
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Customize and Granularly Control Shared Data

Bring all of your data together in one centralized location. A healthcare BI solution allows users to create insightful reports and rich visual dashboards.

Improve Medical Staffing Efficiency

Analyze and increase operational efficiency by optimizing medical and non-medical staff. Increase efficiencies through workforce management automation.

Visualize Electronic Health Records

Visualize and track patients’ overall health treatment plans, screen patient labs, and perform prescription analysis.

Improve Hospital Care Management

Report and visualize data from hospital systems, HMS, tracking HCAHPS, to compare with national averages and trends.

Billing and Payee Management

Design ad hoc aging reports, visualize billing trends, and track revenue management.

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Lower and Maintain Your Total Cost of Ownership

Server-based licensing allows you to maintain a consistent cost, even as you scale up in users, data, and load-balancing servers.

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