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Embedded Business Intelligence for the Insurance Industry

Monitor insurance claims, analyze risk, and optimize reporting with embedded, self-service BI.

Transform Insurance Data into Actionable Insights

Develop a better, more efficient claim management process

Empower insurance agents to make better, data driven decisions. With a claims analysis dashboard, you can: 

  • Drive profitability by managing risk
  • Gain a better understanding of your profits vs liabilities
  • Monitor customer satisfaction & claim payouts

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Benefits of BI for Insurance Agencies

BI and analytics provide essential insights to empower marketing, claims processing, underwriting, product development, and more.


Improve Customer Insights:

  • Develop customer profiling
  • Enhance distribution and service
  • Improve claims analysis processes 
  • Improve your call center insights with claim data sheet dashboards

Improve Risk Management & Underwriting:

  • Improve predictions for underwriting and risk management
  • Enhance claims handling, claimant correlation, and fraud detection

Create with Self-Service BI:

  • Operational insurance reports
  • Reports and financial projections
  • Executive overviews
  • Claim-by-state reports
  • Agent performance reports
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Customer Success: Unleasing Efficiency

Anchor Risk & Claim Management, a full-service insurance claims administrator, was using an outdated, legacy reporting system.

Learn how Wyn helped them transform and modernize their reports while also slashing costs.

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"Low TCO (was cost-effective for us), the support, ease of use, availability of the product, and how quickly we could get up and running with it. These were the primary consideration factors when we were shopping for a BI solution."

Corie Autry, Director of IT

Business Intelligence and the Insurance Industry



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