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Wyn's Unique Licensing Model

Wyn's server-based licensing means no user fees or limits on data size.

Understanding Your Total Cost of Ownership

You need a scalable BI platform. You also need to know how much it will cost in the long run.

BI flexibility for business agility.

Scaling Your Business

A company’s BI TCO is low when they have 50 users, but what will it be when they have 251 users?

  • Most BI platforms use non-linear tiered licensing models that increase dramatically between user tiers.
  • The addition of a single user could double license fees and shatter your budget. 
  • Wyn Enterprise is licensed "per production environment" to provide a significantly lower TCO than other BI solutions that use "per user" licensing and licensing with data limitations.
The first step to calculate TCO is to take a holistic view of the solution you are considering:
  • What are the licensing costs?
  • What are the per-user costs?
  • How will this solution affect our IT architecture and hardware needs? 
  • How much training will be required? 
Ensure User Flexibility and Scalability with Embedded Analytics

From a Wyn-licensed server, you can launch an unlimited number of applications to an unlimited number of end-users for a flat fee.

  • Embed BI, advanced analytics, and distributed reporting capabilities as a “white-label” component in any internal or commercial application.
  • Intuitive designers and interactive viewers offer end-users a self-service environment, saving IT costs.

Multitenancy Support

Increase Scalability and Resource Optimization

Built-in support for multi-tenancy enables you to reuse Wyn Enterprise’s comprehensive functionality across all of your tenants.

  • Create roles and permissions and apply them across all of your tenants.
  • No per-user fees.
See What our Customers are Saying:

"Low TCO (was cost-effective for us), the support, ease of use, availability of the product, and how quickly we could get up and running with it."

~ Corie Autry, Director of IT, Anchor Risk and Claims Management


Read the review on Gartner Peer Insights

"Wyn Enterprise has operated as designed and is fully web-based - no desktop tools required. In my use of Wyn, it has not run into any issues and all scheduled reports have been generated and distributed flawlessly."

~ CIO in the Manufacturing Industry


Read the review on Gartner Peer Insights

"Enterprise-grade report server with extensive report design functionality packaged in web-based designer with access to excellent product support from the GrapeCity team.."

~ Enterprise Account Management System Product Owner


Read the review on Gartner Peer Insights

Learn More About Wyn Enterprise

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