Work in a Secured Centralized Environment

Every organization’s security needs are different. Each business has different authorization needs, data clearances, and business procedures. It’s a challenge to ensure that all systems follow the same security rules within the organization.

Wyn fits your organization using built-in end-to-end security rules. Choose support for a variety of industry-standard protocols, including OAuth2, OpenID Connect, Active Directory, LDAP, and other federated security systems. Or choose from Wyn’s built-in extensibility for the security module to integrate with virtually any authentication methodology or security system your organization is currently using.

The web-based admin portal allows you to configure your security rules so your IT team can easily manage roles, permissions, licenses, users, and security. Apply business rules to users, folders, and reports.

Work in a Secured Centralized Environment

Extensible Security for Your Enterprise’s Access Control Needs

Industry Standard Support

Support for industry-standard protocols, such as OAuth2, OpenID Connect, ActiveDirectory, and LDAP; identity service acts as a federation gateway for external security providers.

Extensible Security on Your Terms

Out-of-the-box extensible security module to customize to your security needs

Role-based Permissions

Role-based permission control for functionality and data access; user-context tracking for enhanced data access control. Set it and forget it security.

Granular Data Control for Additional Privacy

Multi-level hierarchical security means granular data control that offers another layer of privacy.

Multi-tenant Support

Filter and segregate your data, and limit your tenant-specific data with the configurable role-based security and user-context definitions.

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