Secure and Model Raw Data into Business Information

Set up rules to limit information by company and department, restrict sensitive information to those with clearance, and deliver different data to different user groups across your enterprise.

Create shared data sets and models to transform centralized data into contextual business information. With the availability of secured data in a structure that users understand, ad hoc analytics is a real possibility.

Secure and Model Raw Data into Business Information
Data Governance & Modeling

Customize and Granularly Control Shared Data

Multiple Data Sources

Linking through databases, text files, NoSQL, cloud data sources, and web-based sources.

Visual Data Set Designer

The Data Set Designer allows you to visually relate and aggregate data.

Semantic Data Model Engine

Transform data-based schema to business entities and relations.

Ad Hoc Designers

Easy-to-use web-based reporting and dashboard designer can help you intuitively create ad hoc visualizations.

Role-based Extensible Security

Enterprise-grade security can integrate with your pre-existing authentication protocols.

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