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Selecting a Dataset

A dashboard is made up of multiple scenarios. Each scenario in the dashboard is bound to a dataset or model for data visualization. Different scenarios can be bound to different datasets or models depending on your business requirements.

When you create a dashboard, you drag-drop the scenarios to the design area. It is only after binding data to these scenarios, that the scenario becomes meaningful.

To Bind Data to a Dashboard Scenario

Follow the below steps to bind a dataset or model to a dashboard scenario.

  1. Drag and drop any scenario onto the design area of the dashboard. Note that the Data Binding panel automatically expands as shown in the following image.
    Adding a chart in the dashboard designer
  2. Go to the Data Binding panel and choose the suitable dataset or model from the list.
    Choosing dataset from the dropdown list
    Once the dataset or model is loaded successfully, you will see the measures and dimensions available in the dataset.
    Measures and Dimensions in dataset

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