Wyn Enterprise Administration Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Export

Export and import are used in conjunction in case you are migrating between servers. Unlike document download where only the selected document itself is downloaded, the export functionality archives the relevant documents or resources referred to in the document. All the documents available for export are divided into the following categories in separate tabs:

  • documents - includes all Wyn Enterprise documents further categorized according to the document type - dashboards, reports, report templates, data models, datasets, data sources, etc.
  • schedule templates - includes schedule templates created by admin,
  • export templates - includes export templates defined for reports,
  • custom themes - includes custom themes uploaded by admin, and
  • system settings - includes UI Settings, WynReports Settings, Email Settings, Worker queue settings, Schedule Settings, etc.

Follow these steps to export a document.

  1. On the Admin Portal, navigate to System Management > Export.

  2. On the Export page, go to the category that you want to export. For example, go to the Documents tab.

    Export documents in Wyn Enterprise

  3. Select the document(s) you want to export or select all documents in the category using the checkbox.

  4. Click Export on the top left corner of the page.

By default, the documents are exported as an archive to the Downloads folder, which can later be imported in case you want to migrate documents from one environment to another.