Wyn Enterprise Administration Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Security Settings

The admin can manage security settings for the users by configuring strong password policy and user locked time.

Configure Strong Password Policy

The default password policy on Wyn Enterprise Portal only requires the password length to be between 1-32 characters, and can contain any character. Enabling a strong password policy makes it improbable for someone to intrude into the account of a user.

  1. Navigate to Account > Security Settings.
    Security Settings Interface

  2. Select the Yes radio button next to Enable strong password policy.

  3. Click the Save button to save the changes.

The strong password policy has the following traits:

  • Password complexity: The combination of numbers and uppercase or lowercase letters can make a password more complex. Password should contain at least 1 number, 1 uppercase letter and 1 lowercase letter.
  • Password length: Lengthy passwords with complex combination of characters are difficult to guess. So, longer passwords with character length between 8 and 32 are recommended.

When the strong password policy is enabled, the admin is prompted to enter a strong password while adding a user by clicking the Add User button in the User interface.
          Strong Password

User Locked Time

If a user enters a wrong username or password for 5 times in succession, he gets locked out for a definite period of time. This period is known as the User Locked Time. The default locked time is 60 minutes, but you can change it as required. If you set the locked time to 0, it will disable the locking behavior altogether. It means that the user will not have to wait for a locked time and will be able to attempt login again.

  1. Navigate to Account > Security Settings.
  2. Edit the lock time next to User locked time(minutes).
  3. Click the Save button to save the changes.

    Now, if the admin sets the locked period to 10 minutes in the Security Settings, this will be visible on the Wyn Enterprise Portal.
    Screen Displaying User Entered Wrong Credentials Information