Wyn Enterprise Administration Guide

Wyn Enterprise: View Audit Logs

The View Audit Logs page displays all available audit logs. You need to first turn-on the auditing settings. See Auditing Settings for more infomation. To view an audit log, click the icon to the right of each log. Page displaying available audit logs

  1. On the Admin Portal, navigate to System Management > View Audit Logs.

  2. On the View Audit Logs page, you can control what logs are displayed as follows.

Audit Log Options Description
Event Type Select what event type of audit logs to display - create, update, run task, download, change permission, etc.
Object Type Select what object type of audit logs to display - documents, theme, categories, roles, etc.
Time Range Select Last Day, Last Week, or Customize to specify the time range of audit logs to display. If you select the Customize option, the From and To fields appear where you must specify the time range.
Report or Dashboard View Choose how you want to view the audit log. The default is Report view.
Search Search the log for a User or an Object Name.
Refresh Obtain the recent log data.