Wyn Enterprise Administration Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Import

Import and export are useful in the case where you want to migrate documents from one environment to another. Unlike document upload where only the selected document itself is uploaded, the import functionality unzips the archived document and all the relevant documents or resources referred in the document are retained.

Follow these steps to import a document.

  1. On the Admin portal, navigate to System Management > Import.
  2. Click Select File.
  3. In the Open dialog that appears, select a .zip file (created while exporting the document) you would like to import into the Wyn Enterprise portal and click Open.
    Import Interface

    A suitable message is displayed on a successful or unsuccessful import. If an imported document is similar to the existing one, it is replaced.

    Note: If the .zip file contains a .viz file whose version number is greater than that of the existing file on the server, the .viz file is upgraded to that of the uploaded version. Else, if the version number of the .viz file is equal to or less than that of the existing file on the server, the upload fails. For more information about the visualizations, visit this topic.

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