Wyn Enterprise Administration Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Custom Theme

When creating dashboards and reports, we can quickly set the overall style by using the system's built-in document themes. In addition to supporting built-in themes, Wyn Enterprise also supports user-defined themes to fully meet your personalized needs such as to match organizational branding and colors. This section will show you how to create and upload a custom theme.

Create a Custom Theme

  1. Open the theme designer - go to the website - https://wyn-themes.grapecity.com/ Custom theme designer web application in Wyn Enterprise
  2. Select the Portal or Designer on which you want to build the custom theme.
  3. Modify the theme - adjust the colors and other aspects and observe the effect immediately.
  4. Download the theme as a zip file.

Upload a Custom Theme

  1. In the Admin Portal, go to System Management > Custom Theme. Custom Theme Interface
  2. Click Upload to provide a source of zip file downloaded from the theme designer website.
  3. Specify the name of the theme and click Submit.

    The custom theme is now added and is shown in the right window. The custom theme now works as the built-in theme for the portals. To apply it to the portal, navigate to UI Settings > Portal Settings, and from the Theme drop-down, select the custom theme.

    Custom Theme Portal Settings