Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Create Static Report

A static report contains static data, that is, the data is not bound to any data source.

What You Will Learn

This tutorial guides you through the steps to create a static report in Wyn Enterprise Report Designer.

After you complete this tutorial, you will have a report that looks similar to the following.

Static Report Example

Create a Report Layout

  1. On the design area of your report, drag and drop a TextBox control Textbox Control Icon from the left pane of the designer.
  2. Click the text box to enter the text, for example, 'This is my first Static Report'. Resize the text box accordingly.

Customize the Appearance of the Report

  1. Click the design area of the report.
  2. To change the background color of the report, go to the Properties panel and set Background Color property to a shade of blue color from Theme Colors, Standard Colors, Color Picker, or Web Colors.
    Customized Background Color for Report

  3. To change the look of text box in the report, select the text box and set the following properties.

Property Value
BACKGROUND - Color Green
Report - Background Color Property
BORDER - Style Double
Report - Border Style Property
BORDER - Width 3pt
Report - Border Width Property
TEXT - Font Size 12pt
Report - Font Size Property
TEXT - Font Family Comic Sans MS
Report - Font Family Property
TEXT - Color DarkSeaGreen
Report - Font Color Property

Preview and Save Report

  1. Click Preview Preview Report in the Viewer to view the final output of your report.
  2. Exit the preview mode by clicking Back on the left side of the designer.
  3. Click Save to open the Save dialog box. Enter the report name and click Save Report.

Note: The reports created in the Wyn Enterprise Report Designer are saved in the Wyn Enterprise Server Report Portal under 'No Category' by default.