Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Report Templates

Users can create reports based on the existing templates.

  1. Click Create report button.
  2. Select a template.
    You can choose a Blank RDL Report, a Blank Page Report, or any other ready-to-use template from Categories > Templates available on the left pane.
    Report Templates in Report Designer
  3. Click Create Report.

The templates are uploaded by administrator. The available templates and their description is as follows.

Template Name Description
Blank RDL Report For reports which grow based on the data from the data sources.
Blank Page Report For reports which require pixel-perfect layouts independent of data sizes.
Invoice Style Report Contains logo, customer details, and tabular sales data with sub-totals.
Letters Contains logo, customer details, and two column tabular data.
Rx Style Doctor's Prescription style report with watermark layer for screen viewing.
Pivot Style Report Uses Pivot Tables to show dynamic columns and aggregated data for quick analysis.
Organization Branded Report Contains a Page Header and Page Footer with Company Logo, Report Name, Execution Time, and Page Numbers.
Mailing Labels Contains mailing labels with customer name, address, and city.
Financial Composite Chart Report          Displays financial data using chart and textboxes.