Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Styles and Themes

With styles you can enhance the appearance of report controls such as tables and charts, and with themes, you can enhance the overall appearance of your reports.

Let us enhance the appearance of the following report:

Report without any style and theme

To apply Style to a Table

  1. Select the Table data region.
  2. Go to the LAYOUT - Style property in the Properties pane.
  3. Select a Style, say, Light Style 1 Accent 5, from the drop down.
  4. Preview the report.
    Table with Built-In Table Style

Note: Style either uses constant values or values from Theme. Therefore, in case the Theme is changed - control view may also change if the control's Style uses values from Theme.

To apply Theme to a Report

  1. Select Report from the ribbon menu at the top of the design area.
  2. Click Switch Theme.
    Switch Theme Menu in Report Designer

  3. Select a theme, say, Cordial. You can also set the LAYOUT - Theme property of the report in the Properties pane.

  4. Preview the report.
    Report with a Theme