Insurance Dashboard by Wyn Enterprise A business intelligence dashboard (or BI dashboard), is a data visualization tool used to deliver analytics information, key performance indicators (KPIs), and data points to organizational teams to help drive the organization's overall success through influencing decisions.

One of the best things about BI dashboarding is that it is accessible to all end-users, regardless of technical capability and knowledge. BI dashboards can be created by technical developers or by non-technical business users.

One factor in creating dashboards is the dashboard design tool being used—the simpler the tool, the more accessible it is for end-users to create meaningful and informative BI dashboards.

Why You Should Use BI Dashboards:

  • To monitor business performance in order to discover the story behind your data
  • Dashboards allow customization specific to the intended audience (analysts, C-level, etc.)
  • To highlight and communicate key data points (KPIs)
  • Allows you and your team to identify opportunities
  • Enables the use of self-service BI applications by industry analysts, managers, and employees
  • Enables you to make data-driven informed decisions

Creating Business Intelligence Dashboards (Video) Manufacturing OEE Dashboard by Wyn Enterprise

With Wyn Enterprise, you can quickly and easily build high value, interactive, and drillable business intelligence dashboards. The Wyn Enterprise Dashboard Designer allows users to create interactive dashboards by connecting to a data source, setting up the UI, previewing, and then exporting the dashboard.

In this video, we will go through the Wyn Dashboard Designer's features and functionalities.

Wyn Enterprise Dashboard Designer Walkthrough

Wyn dashboards display information through a series of interactive tiles that contain:
  • Data visualizations
  • Custom visualizations
  • Components
  • Slicers

Data Visualizations Tile

In the Data visualizations tile, Wyn provides and supports over thirty chart types such as Area, Range, Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Combined, Polar, Radar, Statistical and Specialized charts such as Calc Charts.

Data Binding Tab

When dragging a visualization onto the design area, the data binding tab will automatically be shown.

The Data Binding Tab is where datasets are bound to visualizations and slicers in the dashboard. Once the data is bound, users can easily drag and drop the fields from the dataset to visualize their data on the dashboard.

Inspector Tab

Users can then use the Inspector Tab to configure settings such as color palette, data labels, fonts, and more. Other properties can either be searched with the components search bar, or found easily in the labeled sections of the tab.

The Inspector Tab can be used to customize settings for the selected data visualization, component, slicers, and the dashboard page, itself.

Custom Visualization Tile

This brings us to the Custom visualization tile. Wyn provides end-users custom endless visualization possibilities, enabling you to implement your unique visualization demands. Create and add your own visualization plugins in Wyn Dashboards.

Components Tile

The Components tile includes containers, rich text, and images which can be added to customize any dashboard.

Slicers Tile

The Slicers tile includes a label slicer, multidimensional slicers, data range slicers, and date slicers.
These enable users to slice and dice any dashboard.

Page Tab

These tiles can be pinned to the sidebar to quickly access the visualizations, components, and slicers.

At the bottom of the dashboard designer you will see the Page Tab. This is where users can add a new dashboard page, to smoothly go back and forth from one dashboard page to another.

Interaction Setting

The Interaction setting enables visualizations that are using different datasets to interact if they have a common field. The interaction setting can be helpful when using a slicer to filter all charts in a dashboard, even if they have separate datasets.

Show Grid Line

The Show Grid Line allows users to view grid lines on their dashboard for precise placement of all dashboard components.

Enable Overlap

Enable Overlap enables components of the dashboard to overlap each other.

Snap Setting

The Snap setting displays the options, Snap to Grid and Snap to Guides. These options enable users to place their visualizations, slicers, and components perfectly on the dashboard.

Business intelligence dashboards for mobile Information Technology Business Intelligence Dashboard for Mobile Devices | Wyn Enterprise

Mobile Designer

The Mobile Designer enables users to view and edit the layout of the dashboard for a mobile view. End-users can create a custom layout for the mobile view or use the auto layout option.

At any time in the Dashboard Designer, users can preview their dashboard. Users can change the view mode such as fit to screen, width, or height and even view the dashboard as a slideshow.

The dashboard can be refreshed from the preview and can be exported as a PNG image or PPT.

To see more of the Dashboard Designer's functionalities in action, check out the Create a BI Dashboard in 5 Minutes video.

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