Data Visualization for Any User

Enable business users to visualize corporate data with self-service reporting and dashboarding. Powerful ad hoc reports and dashboards enable users to explore their data to identify business trends and KPIs. Access your data in any environment; Wyn Enterprise’s responsive viewers support all web and mobile platforms.

Go from data to insights in minutes.

Powerful ad hoc reporting and dashboards

Generate Self-Service Ad Hoc Reports and BI Dashboards

Intuitive Designers

Easy to use designers and interactive viewers for technical and non-technical end-users.

Customizable Templates

Corporate themes and styles to design professional dashboards and reports.

Documents on Demand

Subscription-based, automated scheduling for recurring report and dashboard distribution.

Multiple Export Formats

A variety of export formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, and image formats (PNG, JPEG).

Data Governance

A centralized data repository, in a secured environment with role-based access, with modeled and structured data availability,

Collaborate and Share

Design reports and dashboards across your enterprise; web-based portal helps you visualize and share data on mobile devices.

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