Create BI Dashboards & Reports Any Time, Any Way, Anywhere

Powerful ad hoc reporting and dashboards enable users to explore their data to identify business trends and KPIs. Take your reports and dashboards on the go; Wyn Enterprise’s responsive viewers support all web and mobile platforms.

Go from data to insights in minutes.

Powerful ad hoc reporting and dashboards

Generate Self-service Ad hoc Reports & BI Dashboards

Self-service for All

Easy to use designers and interactive viewers for technical and non-technical end-users.

Unified Look and Feel

Corporate themes and styles to design professional dashboards and reports.

Documents on Demand

Subscription-based, automated scheduling for recurring report and dashboard distribution.

Multiple Export Formats

A variety of export formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, and image formats (PNG, JPEG).

Data Governance

A centralized data repository, in a secured environment with role-based access, with modeled and structured data availability,

Collaborate and Share

Design reports and dashboards across your enterprise; web-based portal helps you visualize and share data on mobile devices.

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