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Thank you for your interest in the Wyn Enterprise Technical Partner Program.

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Dan Columbus, our Director of Enterprise Sales, will be reaching out to you to discuss the program and its benefits. 

About Wyn Enterprise

Wyn Enterprise, by GrapeCity, is an embeddable business intelligence platform. Wyn delivers faster time to insights with built-in tools for report and dashboard creation, data governance, security integration, embedded BI, automated document distribution, and a business-user friendly interface for self-service business intelligence.

Wyn Enterprise began as a re-architecting of GrapeCity’s ActiveReports Server as a platform-agnostic and plugin-oriented BI solution.

Sold globally to Fortune 100 companies, GrapeCity’s family of products provides developers, designers, and architects with the ultimate collection of easy-to-use tools for building sleek, high-performance, feature-complete applications. GrapeCity's Developer Division has been developing software components for over 40 years.

Enhance your BI knowledge base.

Get started using Wyn's Portals, interactive dashboarding, and reporting modules in minutes. 

Intro to the Wyn Admin Portal

The Admin Portal provides access to settings related to configuration, account, system, and documents.

Intro to the Wyn Dashboard Designer

In this video, we will go through the Wyn Dashboard Designer's features and functionalities.

How to Create a Business Intelligence Dashboard (Video)

In this video, we’ll create a simple dashboard in less than five minutes.