Drive your Technology Reporting Processes with Data

The technology environment moves at the speed of data. Wyn Enterprise can get you up to speed with interactive dashboards, multi-dimensional dynamic analysis, and intelligent drilling with direct access to specific details of your IT, software, or hardware firm.

Data visualization, online report design, and data reporting has never been easier. Wyn Enterprise gets you to the heart of your business inquiries, fast. With the centralized distribution module, you can automate recurring reports and schedules.

Technology Solutions

Wyn Enterprise for IT and Tech Professionals

Network Health Diagnostics

Visualize the results of bandwidth tests, compare historical upload/download connection speeds, and use additional network diagnostics to identify problem points in your network health to improve network speed. Use visual dashboards to present this data, drill-down to identify the root of the problems and present it to decision-makers to help drive operational improvements.

Help Desk Performance

Organize and create comprehensive reports and dashboards to monitor and present help desk KPIs, such as first response, rate of resolution, agent utilization, customer satisfaction, and cost per ticket. Compare your actual data versus target SLAs to establish and maintain exceptional customer satisfaction.

Project Portfolio Management

Ensure every IT project falls in line with expected timeliness, budget, effectiveness, and quality. Report and visualize critical project portfolio management KPIs such as operational efficiency, time spent, budget variance, delivered business value, alignment with strategic goals, customer satisfaction, and count of errors encountered in the project lifecycle.

IT Project Summaries

Take complete control of any IT project by monitoring the project lifecycle. Use historical visualized data to guide the initiation phase, create SWOT reports to plan the project and establish project guidelines and team expectations. Track the execution phase, monitor and control the project with visual dashboards, and create a final summary report to close out the project lifecycle.

Systems Health Check Monitoring

Ensure your servers maintain optimal performance and efficiency by creating and distributing automated health check reports. Report on general server and database monitoring, such as query behavior and user activity, web server data such as network bandwidth, and messaging data such as email database response and utilization. Create an at-a-glance visual dashboard to highlight your system's health KPIs such as CPU, memory, disk, network, and process utilization.

IT Process Analysis

Visualize, monitor, present, and distribute your IT process analysis data with a rich dashboard highlighting the most vital KPIs to ensure that your process achieves the expected result. Use a variety of data visualizations to display a multitude of indicators, spotlighting IT processes’ efficiency, effectiveness, capacity, productivity, quality, profitability, competitiveness, and value..

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