Visualize operational efficiency and streamline manufacturing processes.

Information in a manufacturing environment requires the same dedication to process and security that equipment and personnel demand on the production floor. Manufacturing, from handcrafted to high-tech, transforms raw materials into finished goods on a large scale. Your manufacturing business information can also transform into actionable data by using Wyn Enterprise.

Wyn Enterprise uses analysis and decision engine for project teams, departments, and the entire enterprise. The result includes improvements to your operations throughout the manufacturing supply chain and beyond.

Manufacturing Solutions

Wyn Enterprise - BI for Manufacturing

Inventory Tracking

Track inventory to fluctuations in demand; adjust materials and products accordingly.

Measure Efficiency Effectively

Maximize the efficiency of your operations by determining optimal warehouse configurations and floor plans.

Profit Margins

Determine profit contributions by segment and customer with information on the overall margin spread.

Optimize Growth

Achieve economies of scale for optimum business growth.

Risk Management

Uncover the risks and rewards of introducing a new product line.

Predict Failure Points

Predict failures within an assembly line process by analyzing the end results of the line and returns.

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