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Evaluate manufacturing workshop performance and outputs. In an Overall Equipment Effectiveness Dashboard, all of these KPIs are brought together into one easy-to-use interactive dashboard.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Manufacturing Dashboard

Drill-down on data with 30+ data visualization components.

  • Equipment Manufacturing Technicians 
  • Service Engineers 
  • Facilities Management 
  • Maintenance Supervisors 
  • Field Service Technicians 
  • Site Managers 
  • Plant Management 
  • Heavy Equipment Technicians 
  • Equipment Operators 
  • Power Engineering Technologists 
  • Equipment Mechanics
  • Virtual Equipment Maintenance Technicians 
  • Manufacturing Management 
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Technicians 
  • Manufacturing Process Technicians
  • Warehouse Workers 
  • Quality Control Inspectors 
  • Manufacturing Technicians
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness 
  • Mean Time to Repair
  • On-Time Delivery 
  • Overall Operating Efficiency 
  • Percentage Maintenance Planned 
  • Plant Downtime 
  • Production Attainment 
  • Production-to-Market-Lead-time 
  • Schedule Attainment 
  • Scrap Rate  
  • Time to Productivity 
  • Total Cycle Time 
  • Total Manufacturing Cost Per Unit 
  • Unscheduled Downtime 
  • Unused Capacity Expenditures 
  • Utilization 
  • Manufacturing Cycle Efficiency 
  • Inventory Turns 
  • Rolling Throughput Yield 
  • Unplanned Capacity Expenditure
  • Machine Set-Up Time 
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Quality 
  • First Pass Yield
  • Rework
  • Failed Audits 
  • Customer Returns 
  • Profit Per Employee 
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