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Using Intuitive Dataset Filters

Wyn Enterprise understands the importance of advanced dataset filtering. All users, regardless of their comfort level with their data and technology stack, need to filter their data. Filtering helps business end-users narrow their analyses and answer questions with data-driven evidence.

Wyn Enterprise 4.1 introduces a new filter editor in the WynReports Designer that better empowers business end-users in filtering their enterprise data. The filter editor operates on an intuitive user interface built into Wyn Reports Designer. It lets both technical and non-technical end-users create complex filters on their reports.

The new filter editor has vast capabilities to handle collections of filters, filter groups, hierarchical filters, and logical operators.

Features of the WynReports Filter Editor

Filter Editor User Interface

The new Filter Editor simplifies the process of applying filters to a report and its contents, including the dataset(s) and controls, such as Table, Tablix, and other data regions. Click Edit to open the new filter editor. Configure the filters from a dedicated interface instead of adding filter collections, which was necessary with Wyn 4.0.

Intuitive Dataset Filters for Business Intelligence Reporting

The new filter editor looks like this:

Intuitive Dataset Filters for Business Intelligence Reporting

It provides users with several new options.

  • Select the logical operators All Of (and) and Any Of (or), for all the report types

Prior to Wyn Enterprise 4.1, the “or” operator was only supported on semantic models. With Wyn Enterprise 4.1, it is supported on more common report types such as RDL and page reports.

  • Add filter criteria based on data fields and expressions

Intuitive Dataset Filters for Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Add filter groups to nest filter conditions and group them with separate logical operators to create complex filter queries

Intuitive Dataset Filters for Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Add filter values based on expressions and existing report parameters that match the data field's type

  • Create new parameters or prompts based on selected field type from within the filter editor interface

This saves users time as they no longer have to move between panels to add parameters as values on filter conditions.

Intuitive Dataset Filters for Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Choose a commonly-used operator from a drop-down

Intuitive Dataset Filters for Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Delete a filter condition or a filter group without affecting other conditions or groups

Intuitive Dataset Filters for Business Intelligence Reporting

Outlined below are the steps for creating a complex filter query using filter conditions, groups, parameters, and operators. This example uses a simple sales report.

Creating a Complex Filter Query

A store manager in a retail outlet may want to prepare a sales report with year-over-year results for specific products, consumer segments, and shipping methods (see image below).

Intuitive Dataset Filters for Business Intelligence Reporting
To prepare such a report, apply various filter conditions:

  • Order or sales year gets sales data for current and previous years
  • Products selects specific products for analysis
  • Shipping method filters specific shipping methods
  • Consumer segment specifies particular consumer segments

To follow along on your own Wyn instance, import the linked data source, dataset, and report layout to your Wyn server.

Step 1:

In the Report Designer, select the Tablix control and open the Filter Editor from the Properties panel. Once inside the Filter Editor, add a filter criteria on the Order Year data field as shown below:


Note: For the sample data, we are comparing data for the years 2018 and 2019.

Step 2:

Next, add a filter rule to select the products. This rule needs to work in conjunction with the previous rule on Order Year, so keep the default logical operator All Of in the Filter Editor.

Choose a list of products from the database. Use the In operator with values passed in via parameters added from inside the Filter Editor as shown below:

Step 3:

Finally, add a filter group that filters out data for a particular consumer segment or shipping method. Add a filter group with two criteria and the Any Of operator as shown below:


The improved Filter Editor in Wyn Reports is designed to structure complex filter queries to fit specific business requirements. With this new tool, end-users with any level of technical experience can easily apply intuitive filtering to their enterprise data and get insights faster.

For questions about the Filter Editor, reach out to us at

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