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How to Filter Your Report Using a Set Parameter


This article shows how to change the size of a Dashboard. This can be done in the Inspector Tab.

Steps to Complete:

1. In the Dashboard Designer, select “Document Settings”. This will pop out the “Inspector Tab” on the right panel.

2. Navigate to the “Layout” section. Here you have the options to change the “Self Adaptive Font Size”, “Fixed Size”, “Page Size”, and “Document Ratio”.

a. “Self Adaptive Font Size” – if set to “True” the font size will change based on how the dashboard is viewed, such as on a smaller or bigger screen.

b. “Fixed Size” – if set to “True” the dashboard will stay the exact same size as it has been created in the designer. (It will not change based on screen size).

c. “Page Size” – You can set this to “Auto”, “Fit to Screen”, “Fit to Width” or “Fit to Height”. This can be changed based on how you want end users to view the dashboard.

d. “Document Ratio” – You can set the document ratio by using the dropdown options other than “Auto”.