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Introduction to the Wyn Resource Portal

The Wyn Enterprise Resource Portal is primarily used by data administrators who manage the resources required for designing ad hoc reports and dashboards. We will explore this portal in this tutorial.


Introduction to the Wyn Admin Portal

The Admin Portal provides access to settings related to configuration, account, system, and documents.


Introduction to the Wyn Document Portal

In this video, we'll explore the Wyn Document Portal to highlight the various functionalities available to end-users. The Document Portal allows you to view and manage all the reports and dashboards available in Wyn Enterprise.


Dashboard Designer Walkthrough

The Dashboard Designer allows users to create interactive dashboards by connecting to a data source, setting up the UI, previewing, and then exporting the dashboard. In this video, we will go through the Dashboard Designer's features and functionalities.


Create a BI Dashboard in 5 Minutes

In this video, we’ll create a customized dashboard in less than five minutes.


How to Create a Tabular Sales Report

In this video, we'll create a tabular product sales report.


Tabular Reporting - Grouping and Sorting

In this video, we’ll organize a tabular report using grouping and sorting features.


Create a Customized Dashboard with a Pivot Table

In this tutorial, we’ll use a pivot table to create an employee demographic dashboard. We'll also cover basic features of the pivot table, such as expanding or collapsing data, swapping columns and rows, and sorting the data.


What's Ahead in Data Management (Webinar Playback)

The webinar brings together a panel of experts to discuss current trends in data management.


What's Ahead in Analytics (Webinar Playback)

This webinar brings together a panel of experts to discuss trends in advanced analytics


Six Strategies for Modernizing Data Visualization with Dashboards and Reports (Webinar Playback)

A guide for BI teams looking to use self-service capabilities, data architecture resources, and enterprise reporting platforms to improve overall user productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.