Data-Driven Decisions

In retail, selling goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution, gathering data, and the dissemination of data are all essential elements for continued success. Utilizing Wyn Enterprise is an immediate consideration for brick and mortar and online retail outlets alike. The browser-based designers enable users to work with multiple data sources to organize and design informative dashboards and reports to generate transactional enterprise reports.

Wyn Enterprise empowers users to make important retail business decisions more quickly and efficiently than ever before. We empower corporations to make strategic data-driven decisions.

Retail Solutions

Benefits of Utilizing Wyn Enterprise in Retail Businesses

Analyze Store Layouts

Analyze store layouts for maximum consumer experience. Maximize revenue potential and customer experience with basket analysis, floor plans, and optimal foot traffic mapping.

Efficient Storefront Staffing

Improve connections between buyers and sellers with space management. Allocate staff, departments and displays using floor plans to boost sales.

Contextual Marketing Plan

Use data-driven visualization to develop a strategic and informed marketing plan. Enable the creation of a contextual marketing plan.

Track Customer Demographics

Track the customer experience, customer lifecycle, and point of sales analysis.

Funnel Analysis

Examine, define, and display sales funnels for short-term and long-term forecasting to form a greater understanding of the sales cycle.

Effective Campaign Planning

Track customer journeys to plan effective promotions to strategically allocate budget dollars.

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