Create and deploy intuitive BI reports.

Intuitive Designer

The user-friendly designer is similar to that of a word processing application. The toolbox provides all the necessary components and controls to ensure high flexibility in the report creation process.


View documents in a fast and powerful report viewer. End-users control their reports with one-touch printing, multiple export formats, display modes, drill-down and drill-through interactivity, and customization options.

Semantic Models

Provide a hierarchical representation of your relational data for business users to understand and interact with more easily than raw datasets.

Data Connectivity

Build reports with the data types that suit your preferences. An embedded report designer offers support for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, Excel, JSON, CSV, XML, MongoDB, ODBC, and OData.

Scheduled Distribution

Allow end-users to distribute their reports on custom schedules in any supported export format that they need through email, file share, or local storage.

Export to Popular Formats

Export formats include PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, JSON, HTML, and PNG.

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