Monitor Claims, Analyze Risk, and Optimize Reporting

Insurance industry data comes from and lives in many different places. Wyn Enterprise enables you to bring all of this data together in one centralized location, enabling technical power users and non-technical users alike to create insightful reports and rich visual dashboards. Identify trends in claims, maximize sales growth opportunities, establish and maintain exceptional customer satisfaction, and more with self-service BI at your fingertips.

With Wyn Enterprise, your business information can be transformed into actionable data that can help drive critical business decisions. Wyn Enterprise can be used not only as a personal visualization tool, but also as an analysis and decision engine for project teams, departments, and the entire enterprise. Wyn Enterprise can enhance the underwriting processes and efficiency, average claim resolution time, and beyond.

Insurance Solutions

Extensive BI Insurance Dashboards and Reports

Track Lifecycles and Time to Settle Claims

Drive profitability by managing risk and optimizing policy costs. Create, track, report with big-screen displays, and automated data to visualize claim lifecycle metrics.

Identify Average Cost per Claim and Retention Rates

Monitor customer satisfaction and claim payouts. Understand and predict the impact on policy premiums.

Agency/Broker Performance Management

Oversee agent performance and identify areas for improvement. Track revenue and market size by retention rate and overall performance metrics.

Policy Per Capita Metrics

Monitor revenue per policyholder and maximize return on surplus. Understand profit vs. liability

Strategize Underwriting Risk Management

Discover claim frequency and severity. Measure financial viability and the likelihood of a claim payout.

Demographic Risk Management

Visualize components of claim costs and policy sales growths. Understand the risks of demographic populations. Track trend data for population demographics such as health reports, census reports, and other important measures to determine competitive premium pricing.

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