Secure Ad Hoc, Self-Service Reports to Curate Information for Data Governance in Healthcare

With an abundance of disconnected systems in the current healthcare landscape, it’s a challenge to gather all relevant data to visualize important trends and outcomes. Using ad hoc reporting, you are able to generate comprehensive visualizations that can showcase all of your data, providing more desirable patient outcomes, all while reducing the time that it takes to pull and share this information. Wyn’s web-based designers allow even the non-technical user to design ad hoc reports and dashboards.

Regulation and privacy are critical within the healthcare industry. With sensitive personal data integrated into one hub, allowing for granular control to access that data becomes paramount. With Wyn’s built in data governance, your data remains secure but available to the right users.

Healthcare Solutions

Utilize Wyn Enterprise in Healthcare

Visualize Healthcare Regulations and Data with Ease

Control risk and secure patient medical information with dashboards and reports using multiple data sources (CDC, FDA, HRSA, CMS, and more). Showcase trends quickly with automated pages and big-screen displays.

Hospital Care Management

Report and visualize data from hospital systems, HMS, tracking HCAHPS, and overall hospital star ratings to compare with national averages and trends. Create real-time dashboards.

Billing and Payee Management

Design ad hoc aging reports, visualize billing trends, and track revenue management. Save time by automating invoices and billing.

Clinical Trials

Track effectiveness of treatments and medication, compare data with control groups, and automate data visualization for research publications. Visualize and understand variations of outcomes due to patient population and demographics.

Medical Staffing Efficiency

Analyze and increase operational efficiency by optimizing medical and non-medical staff. Cut costs and increase efficiencies through workforce management automation.

Electronic Health Records Management

Examine patient medical history. Visualize and track patients’ overall health treatment plans, screen patient labs, and perform prescription analysis.

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