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Quickly deep-dive your data to understand trends and patterns better. Spend less time collecting and more time analyzing and forecasting. Analyze large volumes of financial data and deliver meaningful reports quickly and easily.

When dealing with financial markets, there is an incredible amount of data to analyze. It can be confusing and may lead to a misinterpretation of critical data. Wyn’s Dashboards can provide a fast and holistic overview of one company or multiple corporations, allowing professionals to get an in-depth analysis of enterprise health.

With Wyn’s data visualization tools, users can identify trends or even missed opportunities. Use Wyn's Calc Charts to derive ad hoc calculated KPIs from aggregate data. This makes managing data much more time-efficient. Additionally, Wyn offers over 30 graphs and charts for dynamic data visualization.

Finance Solutions

Utilize Wyn Enterprise in Finance

Visualize Trends

Uncover market volatility, track revenue trends, and predict price targets.

Financial Risk Management

Analyze trading risks, plan budgets, assess portfolios, and audit your organization for regulatory purposes.

Profit and Loss Analysis

Estimate budget vs actuals, general ledger account statements, balance sheets, and annual earnings reports.

Performance KPIs and Scorecards

Visualize your profitability, value management, COGS, profit margins, credit, collections, and more.

Financial Comparisons Dashboards

Visualize year-over-year comparisons, find financial trends and growth patterns. Identify what’s working and what’s not.

Wealth Management Analytics

Manage and assess your personal portfolio and individual wealth scorecards. Investigate credit history trends.

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