White-Label and Integrate Business Intelligence as a Part of your Product

Wyn Enterprise is a fully white-labeled, embeddable BI solution. Utilize the comprehensive API to provide dashboards and reports to end-users within any business application.

With over 30+ data visualization tools, end-users can build a variety of KPIs and dynamic report metrics, all from an embedded business intelligence environment. White-label your Wyn Enterprise instance to fully brand your reports and dashboards.

White Label and Integrate Business Intelligence
Embedded BI

A Fully Embeddable BI Solution

Grow With Your Business

The lightweight server supports deployment in web farms and scalable virtualized environments. Provision servers as you need them to scale with your user load.

Comprehensive APIs for Seamless Integration

The APIs allow developers to pre-authenticate users, embed the responsive portals and viewers into your web application, and implement conflicts features, leveraging the functionality of Wyn Enterprise.

Customizable Responsive Viewers

Seamlessly embed dashboards and reports to work as functional and interactive parts of your web app.

Enhance Your Speed to Market

A built-in, comprehensive set of tools and modules enhance essential BI functionalities. This is crucial for any business application.

Reduce the Cost of Ownership

Pre-built, interactive modules include simple licensing and no per user fees. Special OEM pricing available.

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