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Wyn Enterprise 5.1 Release | WynReports

WynReports 5.1 release is now available. This release includes several performance optimizations, report designer enhancements, custom font support as well as several customer-requested features.

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Custom Fonts

Wyn 5.1 allows further report customization possibilities with custom font support managed by users without IT admin intervention. Add Google fonts, Adobe fonts, custom fonts, and more.

Report Caching

With improved report caching, users have more control with the ability to cache report output for a fixed duration. This greatly improves report runtime performance for repeat report execution with data that does not change often. You can control the report caching using Admin settings and User preferences.

Report Designer Usability Enhancements
  • The ability to hide pages in Page Reports
  • Filtering and keyboard support to Tablix Wizard dialog in RDL and Page Reports
  • Improved Error messages in the Designer for security-related errors
  • Support for parameterized data sources in the designer for embedded datasets
  • Improved UX on the Expression Editor
  • The ability to copy/paste between reports
  • New support for SVG images
  • New property values for page break control to allow for odd/even blank pages
Report Viewer Interactivity Enhancements Include:
  • Improved web page viewing of reports
  • Auto-selection of parameter value for parameters where only one available value is present
  • Added hover animation for tables and charts in rendered reports on the screen
  • Improvement of error messages on the viewer
General Performance Optimizations
  • Improved Parameter query performance for Cascading Parameters
  • Automatic cancellation of long-running tasks after 10 retries
  • Improved management of preview page limits
Customer Requested Features

As always, our customers are an important element of Wyn's product roadmap! The following customer-requested features have been implemented in the Wyn 5.1 release:

  • Multi-value parameters support manual data entry and copy/paste
  • Additional Security settings for Export and Print permissions for reports based on roles.
  • New Sample shows how to implement Silent (one-click) printing of reports directly from an embedded Report Viewer/API.

Get Wyn Enterprise 5.1

Be sure to upgrade to Wyn 5.1 for all of the new features and enhancements.

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