In this video, we’ll use a pivot table to create an employee demographic dashboard. We will also cover basic features of the pivot table, such as expanding or collapsing data, swapping columns and rows, and sorting the data.

  1. We’ll start by dragging and dropping a pivot table on the design area of the dashboard designer and binding it to the Payroll dataset, which has already been uploaded to Wyn via the Resource Portal.

  2. Once we add the pivot table, you can see we have Values, Columns, and Rows sections that need to be specified with data values to create the table. Display relevant information by dragging the Gender field to values, Union Name to columns, and Ethnic Code Description and Gender fields to rows.

  3. Notice how summarized data is arranged in the pivot table by default. Now that we have the data presented in the way we want, let's do some formatting. This will make the pivot table look more visually appealing and tie in with the theme of the dashboard.

  4. Let’s now add an image above the pivot table and preview the final dashboard. Note, you can collapse and expand the data using the buttons displayed in row headers section. Furthermore, pivot tables support swapping of rows and columns.

  5. You can do this by simply selecting Swap Rows and Columns option available under the More Actions menu. You can also sort the data in ascending or descending order just by clicking the column header.

It’s that easy to create a robust pivot table dashboard with Wyn Enterprise!

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