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Business Intelligence & Analytics for SaaS

Embed and integrate analytics within your own custom apps and scale securely.

Grow Revenue Streams

Create new revenue by making embedded BI an integral part of your software.

Insights for All

Designed for self-service, users can explore their data with drag-and-drop dashboards and reports.

Lower BI Costs

Server-based licensing allows you to scale your business and the user base — with no additional cost.

Seamlessly Embed BI Within Your Own Custom Apps

Not every service provider has sufficient resources to build advanced business intelligence solutions to meet customer demands.

Provide your clients with embedded analytics, custom dashboards, and BI reporting. Fully white-label Wyn to match your brand style.

Native Multi-tenant Support

With built-in multi-tenant support, manage your BI resources and data across all your customers from a single environment.

A secured centralized environment with built-in support for:

  • User context
  • Row-level filters
  • Role-based security

A White-Label Solution

Wyn provides everything you need to create a customized white-label experience.

  • Seamlessly white-label reports and dashboards as part of your own app.
  • Utilize along with your custom UI — users will not know where your product ends and Wyn begins. 
System Integrator Benefits

Our unique licensing model was designed with System Integrators in mind. Budget for BI in your client projects without escalating licensing fees. 


Powerful Report & Dashboard Modules

With 30+ data visualization tools, end-users can build a variety of KPIs and dynamic report metrics, all from an embedded BI environment.

Embed Interactive Dashboards Within Your Own Custom Apps

Embed as a portal in your application to allow your users to create, design, share, export, and distribute interactive dashboards.

  • Create ad hoc visualizations and reports with drill-down and cross-filter functionality.
  • Generate real-time reporting and detailed visualizations to build a variety of KPIs and dynamic report metrics.
  • Fully white-label to match your corporate branding. 

View the Wyn Dashboard gallery→

Embedded BI Reports

A user-friendly environment for your non-technical end-users.  Advanced features for power users and IT admins.

  • Create reports from your own branded, customized templates.
  • Quickly create personalized reports with pre-loaded report themes.
  • Save time by scheduling and automating invoices.
See What our Customers are Saying:

"Low TCO (was cost-effective for us), the support, ease of use, availability of the product, and how quickly we could get up and running with it."

~ Corie Autry, Director of IT, Anchor Risk and Claims Management

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"In my use of Wyn, it has not run into any issues and all scheduled reports have been generated and distributed flawlessly."

~ EAMS Product Owner

Read the review on Gartner Peer Insights 

"Enterprise-grade report server with extensive report design functionality packaged in web-based designer with access to excellent product support from the GrapeCity team."

~ Enterprise Account Management System Product Owner

Read the review on Gartner Peer Insights 

See Wyn in Action

Test drive with your own data, or take a Wyn tour in our demo video.

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