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Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards and Reports

Empower your teams to independently explore, analyze, and generate insights with data visualizations, interactive dashboards, and BI reports.

Save Time & Increase Productivity with Self-service BI

Enable data-driven decisions and offer every end-user (from code-first to code-free) the ability to create custom ad hoc reports and interactive dashboards. 


Faster Time to Insights

Every end-user can easily create custom reports and dashboards without the need for coding or assistance from IT.

Generate Ad Hoc Reports

Embed a suite of professional ad-hoc reporting and distribution tools into your business applications.

Save Time and Resources

Self-service BI empowers users to perform queries and generate their own reports and dashboards. 

Eliminate Data Silos & Share Insights

Embedded, self-service business intelligence brings disparate data sources together and combines them for easy analysis offering a single source of truth. 

Increase Team Collaboration with Self-service BI

  • Collaborate and share ad hoc reports and dashboards across the entire organization.
  • Share data insights across teams and executive leadership. 
  • End-users can build a variety of KPIs and dynamic report metrics, all from an embedded BI environment.

Intuitive Designers

  • No UX, coding, or data science skills are required.
  • Drag-and-drop controls enable non-technical end-users to visualize, analyze, and distribute permitted data easily.
Self-service BI Reports & Dashboards with Customizable, Responsive Viewers

Can be embedded and customized within .NET apps and all JavaScript frameworks.

The Wyn Report Designer

A modern and user-friendly designer interface to help a non-technical user easily prepare reports.

  • A basic and advanced reporting mode in the designer for technical and non-technical users.
  • Wyn offers a parameter designer to customize the parameter window in the viewer.
  • TOC-based reports can be easily prepared by our out-of-the-box TOC control. 

Pixel-perfect Reports

Ad Hoc Reports

Canned Reports

Ad Hoc Datasets

Ad Hoc Designers

Create Dashboards and Reports in Minutes.

Get an interactive look inside Wyn Enterprise. No installation is required. 

Maintain Governance and Security

Wyn provides extensible security to match your data governance protocols.

Role-based Permissions

One of the biggest challenges for organizations is ensuring security, privacy, and data governance. Each business has different authorization needs, data clearances, and business procedures.

Wyn offers role-based permissions, where permissions are assigned to employees based on their roles. Sensitive or confidential information is only accessible to authorized users.

Granular Data Control for Additional Privacy

  • Multi-level hierarchical security means granular data control that offers another layer of privacy.

Built-in End-to-end Security

  • Choose support for a variety of industry-standard protocols, including OAuth2, OpenID Connect, Active Directory, LDAP, and other federated security systems.
  • Or choose from Wyn’s built-in extensibility for the security module to integrate with virtually any authentication methodology or security system your organization is currently using.


Reduce and Maintain Your BI Costs

Embedding self-service BI within existing applications (that employees already use) saves the time, and the expense of building BI features internally.

Our unique licensing model allows you to embed Wyn in an unlimited number of applications and provide self-service BI to an unlimited number of end-users for a flat fee.

Wyn makes it easy for organizations to deploy self-service business intelligence features at a much lower cost (both initial and ongoing). 

Business Use Cases for Self-service BI

Business Users

Line-of-business users can compose simple dashboards, answer their own business queries and create simple reports without the need for IT intervention.



Healthcare users can access, visualize, analyze and report on real-time healthcare data, providing insight-driven diagnosis and timely treatment decisions.

Why Your Enterprise Needs a Self-Service BI Tool

Executive users

Regardless of industry, the C-suite can gain insight into overall performance by drilling down into the data and using visualizations to make more informed decisions.

Manufacturing Dashboards Wyn Enterprise


Manufacturing dashboards can help users route materials through the supply chain based on factors such as traffic and weather.



With data visualization BI tools for retail,  employees can make better inventory decisions and predict future sales by taking into account changes in consumer behavior or market trends.



In banking and finance, self-service BI can be used for credit scoring, churn management, identifying high-net customers, and preventing fraud.



Marketers can use visualizations to understand consumer behavior and better target their marketing campaigns.


See What our Customers are Saying:

"Low TCO (was cost-effective for us), the support, ease of use, availability of the product, and how quickly we could get up and running with it."

~ Corie Autry, Director of IT, Anchor Risk and Claims Management

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"Wyn Enterprise has operated as designed and is fully web-based - no desktop tools required. In my use of Wyn, it has not run into any issues and all scheduled reports have been generated and distributed flawlessly."

~ CIO in the Manufacturing Industry

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"Enterprise-grade report server with extensive report design functionality packaged in web-based designer with access to excellent product support from the GrapeCity team."

~ Enterprise Account Management System Product Owner

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