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Embedded BI & Analytics Tools

Seamlessly embed analytics within your own applications.

Provide self-service capabilities for your end-users and leverage analytics as part of your standard workflow.

Embed BI Directly into your Product, Portal or SaaS Application

BI Insights for All

Embed ad-hoc reporting, interactive dashboards, and distribution tools into your custom business applications.

Self-Service Reporting

Easy to use designers and interactive viewers for technical and non-technical end-users.

Customize and Integrate

White-label and customize our themes and styles to match your corporate brand style. 

Visualize Your Data with Embedded Dashboards & Reports

Collaborate and Share Analytics

End-users can build a variety of KPIs and dynamic report metrics, all from an embedded BI environment.

  • 30+ data visualization tools
  • Use pre-built themes or create custom tem[plates
  • Intuitive reporting and dashboard modules enable users to explore their data to identify business trends and KPIs

Extensible Security with Role-Based Permissions

Customize and granularly control data shared and transformed throughout your organization.

  • Enterprise-grade security can integrate with your pre-existing authentication protocols
  • Multi-level hierarchical security means granular data control that offers another layer of privacy

Self-Service Reports and Dashboards

Offer every end-user (from code-first to code-free) the ability to create custom ad hoc reports and interactive dashboards.

  • Self-service environment for technical and non-technical users
  • Pre-built themes for designing professional dashboards and reports
  • A secured environment with role-based access
Better Data, Better Decisions

With 30+ data visualization tools, end-users can build a variety of KPIs and dynamic report metrics, all from an embedded BI environment.

Seamless Integration

Embed as a portal in your application to provide your users the ability to easily create, design, share, export, and distribute dashboards and documents.

Utilize along with your own custom UI to provide a unique BI experience for your users.

Built-in Multi-tenant Support

Create and manage multiple tenants easily.

  • Reuse Wyn Enterprise’s comprehensive functionality across all of your tenants without any per-user fees.
  • White-label to integrate with tenant-specific UI portals to align with custom style guidelines.
Wyn Site Image Content Security
Reduce Your BI Costs with Wyn

Grow your business without increased licensing fees.

  • From a single Wyn licensed server, an organization may embed Wyn Enterprise in an unlimited number of applications with an unlimited number of end-users.
  • Server-based licensing allows you to scale your business and the user base—with no additional cost.

See Wyn in Action

Test drive with your own data, or take a Wyn tour in our demo video.

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