Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Assign Categories

Categories help organize reports and dashboards and make navigation easier. You can assign a category to a report or a dashboard on the Documents Portal. You can add your personal category on the Categories page of the Admin portal and use it along with the system categories.

  1. On the Documents Portal, select the document that you want to categorize.

  2. Click the More button More Button next to the selected document and choose Categories... from the list.

    Assigning category to the report


    Click the Edit Document Categories button on the top-right corner of the Document portal.

    Selecting Categories from the list


    Click the Info button Info Button on the extreme right of the Document Portal, and navigate to the Categories section at the bottom. Then, click the Edit button.

    Selecting Categories from the list

  3. In the Categories window that appears, select a category for the report. You can select multiple categories one by one.
    Assigning category to multiple reports

    Note: Documents that are not associated with any category, are displayed under No Category in the categories list. If all documents are associated with a category, then No Category is not shown.