Wyn Enterprise User Guide


This article describes the basic structure of analytical expressions in Wyn Enterprise.

Basic Syntax for Analytical Expressions

Add Tables and Columns Reference

When creating analytical expressions, you add a reference to the tables and columns on which you want to perform the calculations. The basic format to add a column reference in an expression is to enclose the table name within single quotes, followed by the name of the column in square brackets. For example,


Define Functions

Analytical expressions support a varied range of inbuilt functions. These functions can be used for performing complex calculations such as aggregation functions, date and time functions, filter functions, and so on. A function consists of a name and argument(s). The name of the function must be followed by a parenthesis in which the parameters are passed.

SUMX(ALL('FactOnlineSales'), 'FactOnlineSales'[SalesAmount])

Use Parameters

Wyn Enterprise supports parameters in WAX expressions. This gives users the flexibility to change the output results based on the parameter values. When creating an expression, click Parameters to add a dashboard parameter.

Note: Only single-valued parameters can be used in WAX expressions.

To include user-related information in the WAX expressions, bind parameters to user-context or organization context values.

Add Parameters to WAX expression