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How to Filter Your Report Using a Set Parameter


This article shows how to use an uploaded/shared image in a Dashboard

Before using a shared image in a dashboard, you must upload it into the resource portal. Documentation on the resource portal can be found here:

Steps to Complete:

  1. In your Dashboard, go to the toolbox. (The top left corner of the designer)
  2. Select the component tab and you will see the Image component. 
  3.  Select the image component and click and drag it onto the designer.
  4. Select the image component on the dashboard and click the pencil icon. 
  5. This will pull up the Image Manage. You will then see the options “Shared”, “Embedded”, and “External URL”. Click “Shared”, and you will see the uploaded images in the image manager. 
  6. Select the image and click “OK”. The image will then be loaded into the dashboard. 
  7. In the inspector tab, you can change the how the image is viewed. You can change the “Source”, “Repeat”, “Size”, “V-Align”, and “H-Align”. 


    Note: The image sizing “Contain” will fit the image in the component as proportional. The option “Original” will use the images original size, within the component.