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Six Signs Your Organization Needs Embedded Analytics


Demand for data visualization and analytics in embedded apps is growing due to business demands to be more data-driven. To survive and thrive in today's dynamic environment, organizations need data insights that enable them to become more competitive.

Embedded BI enables organizations to make data insights more attainable, actionable, and valuable. It allows organizations to overcome data and analytics silo problems with spreadsheets and isolated, standalone BI systems.

Embedding self-service analytics enables many users to be more productive because it involves solutions that are easier to use, do not require coding, and do not require IT to set up all data access, queries, visualizations, and preparation.

Does your organization need embedded analytics?

In this TDWI Checklist Report, we examine six leading signs that your organization needs embedded analytics and examines related success factors.


Fern Halper, Ph.D., and David Stodder

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