Wyn Enterprise empowers your organization with easy-to-use Dashboard and Report Designers in one web-based application. End users can quickly and easily design their own ad-hoc dashboards and reports. Users can also work with existing dashboards and reports using interactive slicing, filters, and drill-throughs to uncover trends and get answers at the speed of business. Wyn Enterprise equips your IT staff with tools to govern, model, and secure your enterprise data as you make it available to your end users. With the centralized Wyn Enterprise platform, there is always a single source of truth behind your business decisions.


Discover the answers to critical business questions by visualizing your data. WynDashboards provide an easy-to-use environment that brings your data to life with full color interactive dashboards. Your dashboards can feature anything from day-to-day statistics to strategic trend analyses. Empower your users with 30+ charts to visualize your enterprise data.


Streamline your operational and transactional reporting processes across your organization with automated distribution, ad hoc reporting, pixel- perfect print outputs, document exports, and more. WynReports offers a user-friendly environment for your non-technical end users, as well as advanced features for power users and IT admins. Unleash the full potential of embedded ad hoc reporting, driven by the same ActiveReports engine that has led the industry for 20+ years.

What is always included

  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Unlimited screen-share support
  • 2 business days SLA - guaranteed
  • Full version upgrades and service packs for all active licensed servers

For a price quote and payment options

Call the Wyn Enterprise sales team at +1 (412) 924-1270 or send us an email at Wyn.Sales@grapecity.com. We will contact you within 1 business day.

Training and Education

Wyn Experts are available to train your IT admins, end users, and staff members. We offer customizable training packages to help jumpstart your deployment and adoption of Wyn Enterprise. Contact sales to get more details about personalized training specifics.

OEM Pricing

Special OEM pricing is available for OEM customers looking to embed Wyn Enterprise in their commercial web applications. Contact our sales team for more information about OEM pricing.