Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Create Web Page

Users can easily integrate a URL on the Resource Portal of Wyn Enterprise by creating a web page.

A web page is just like every other document on the portal, which a user can edit, delete, download, assign to different categories, share within an organization, and so on. It is also referred as an integrated or an extended document of Wyn Enterprise having a specific URL. This web page URL can either be absolute or relative.

Note: A user can create a web page only when the Enable webpage documents option in the UI Settings of the Admin Portal is set to 'True'. By default, this option is set to 'False'.

In order to define a relative path for a web page URL, the admin must set the Webpage:AllowRelativeUrl option in the Wyn.conf file to 'True'. By default, this option is set to 'False'. Also, all the referenced web pages should be placed in the 'wwwroot' folder of the Wyn Portal.

To Create a Web Page

  1. On the Resource Portal, navigate to Create (+) > Create Web Page.

    Create a web page

    Note: You can add a web page on the Resource Portal only when you have the required permission to create it.

  2. Enter the absolute or relative path for the web page in the URL field.

    Specifying the URL for the web page

  3. Click Preview to view the web page.

    Previewing the web page