Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Working with Resources

This section covers how to create and manage resources on the Resource Portal including floor plans, language resources, web pages, themes, fonts, and images.

In this section

Create Floor Plan
     Learn how to create floor plan using the Resource Portal of Wyn Enterprise.
Create Hierarchical Map
     Learn how to create hierarchical map using the Resource Portal of Wyn Enterprise.
Add Language Resource
     Learn how to create language resource and add its reference to a document using Wyn Enterprise.
Add Font
     Learn how to add a custom font in Wyn Enterprise.
Create Web Page
     Learn how to create a web page in Wyn Enterprise.
Create Theme
     Learn how to create custom themes in Wyn Enterprise.
View and Manage Resources
     In this page, learn how to view and manage the various resources available on the Resource Portal.
How To
     This page provides quick how-to topics to perform common tasks with the Resource Portal of Wyn Enterprise.