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Freeze Rows and Columns

In an RDL report, when a user previews a Table data region containing a large amount of data in a Galley mode, he must scroll to see all of the data. However, on scrolling the rows or columns out of sight, the data becomes difficult to understand.

To overcome this problem, you can freeze the row(s) and column(s) so that they remain visible while the rest of the table scrolls.

Frozen rows and columns in a table

To Freeze Rows and Columns in a Table Data Region

Follow the below steps to freeze specific row(s) and column(s) in a table.

  1. Select the entire table and go to the Properties panel on the right.

  2. Scroll down the panel and find the Frozen Rows and Frozen Columns properties.

    • Use the Frozen Rows property to specify the numbers of row(s) you want to freeze in the table. Note that this property is applicable only to the header row(s), which means you should not exceed the row count than the actual number of header row(s) in the table.

    • Use the Frozen Columns property to specify the number of column(s) you want to freeze in the table.

    Freeze Rows and Columns in a table

  3. Preview the report.