Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Share a Dashboard

You may want to share a complete dashboard or a specific scenario within the dashboard, with other Wyn Enterprise users.

Sharing a Dashboard

While sharing a dashboard, you can also edit the user permissions for the dashboard to read/write, read, or execute as required. This lets you manage the recipient rights on your dashboard. Note that any changes made to a shared dashboard will not affect the original one.

  1. Select the dashboard in the Document portal.

  2. Click the More button next to the selected dashboard and select Copy URL from the options.

    Copying URL of the dashboard

  3. In the Copy Document URL dialog that appears, click Copy to copy the URL.
    By default, the URL contains the link to preview the dashboard, however, you can also provide a URL that allows editing the dashboard. For more information about URLs, see Integration URLs.

    Copy Document URL dialog

    Note: A user can only generate the Copy Document URL if he has the view permission for the dashboard.

  4. Share the URL with other users. Note that by default, users have the read/write permissions on the shared document.

Sharing a Scenario

While sharing a scenario, you can configure the menu items visible to the users (for example, actions for export, focus mode, filters, annotations, etc.) and the size of the scenario to fit the container, width, or height. Accordingly, the IFrame code or DIV tag is generated which can be directly embedded on a webpage or a browser control. A user can switch to view the full dashboard only if he is allowed - that is, if while embedding the scenario, the Back to Designer option is set to 'New Window'.

Copy Document URL dialog

Note that:

  • the shared scenario does not show the Dashboard Viewer menu bar
  • a single scenario can be referenced at a time.
  • the IFrame code or DIV tag takes parameters that apply to the global parameters and may be used by the scenario
  • animations, highlights, or automation on the scenario work as designed in the dashboard