Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Schedule a Task

Scheduling a task in Wyn Enterprise lets the users to run the job schedules at a pre-defined time or at fixed intervals of time. When scheduling the task for a dashboard, the run result is sent to the designated email address in the form of a link. For example, you can schedule a task to run the dashboard every evening at 5:00 pm or once on every 5th of November at 12:00 pm.

The options to schedule the tasks for the selected dashboard are available in the Execution field under the Tasks tab. The different modes of task execution supported in Wyn Dashboards are discussed below:

  • Manual: Lets you execute the task manually. You need to click the Run Task button as many times as you want to execute the task.

  • One-Time: Automatically runs the task at the specified time. This type of scheduling executes the task only once and gets deleted after the execution. It provides you the flexibility to specify the date and time to schedule the task.

  • Scheduled: Runs the task at fixed intervals of time. For example, you can schedule a task every Monday morning at 5:10 am. By default, it uses templates with the predefined date and time settings. However, you can customize the date and time settings as per your business requirements.

Note that the following settings should be configured correctly in the Admin Portal else the scheduled task would not work properly.
1. Check whether the correct 'Portal URI' has been specified in the UI Settings.
2. Check whether the correct email settings are provided in the Email Settings.

To Schedule a Task

Let's say you want to schedule a task that runs the dashboard on the first Wednesday for each month. To do this, choose the scheduled execution type and specify the various custom date and time settings as follows.

  1. In the Document Portal, select the dashboard for which you want to schedule the task.

  2. With the dashboard selected, click the Info button on the top-right corner of the Document Portal.

  3. A window appears on the right side of the Document Portal. Navigate to the Tasks tab and click the + Add Task button to create a new schedule task.

    Create a new schedule task

  4. Enter the task description in the Details field as shown in the following image.

    Navigating to the Tasks tab

  5. By default, tasks are manually scheduled in Wyn Enterprise. To create a task that runs at fixed intervals of time, set the Execution field to 'Scheduled'.

  6. Uncheck the Use Templates checkbox because you want to define the custom template settings.

  7. The Repeat field determines whether you want to schedule the task on a daily or monthly basis. To repeat the task each month, choose 'Monthly' from the list.

  8. Similarly, set the Every field to '12' months since you want to run the dashboard every month, for 12 months.

  9. Select On the First field and select 'Wednesday' from the list.

  10. In the Start field, specify the start time and start date for the execution of the task. Select suitable date-time values from the Date and Time picker.

  11. Uncheck the End Date field to provide an end day for executing the task.

  12. Set the Executing Timezone to an appropriate timezone from the list.

  13. Enter the email delivery details in the Email To, Reply To, Subject, and Body fields.

  14. Click Create Task to save the settings. Note that the task is listed in the scheduled tasks as shown in the following image.

    List of scheduled tasks

  15. Click the Actions button Actions Button to edit, delete, or disable the scheduled task.

    Modifying the scheduled task