Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Radar Chart

A Radar chart is a 2-dimensional chart displaying multivariate data with each variable on a separate axis. These axes emerge from the same point, and their relative position and angle are uninformative. The data for each observation is plotted along these axes in a polygon shape. Radar charts are generally used for analyzing performance or comparing values such as revenue and expense.

Wyn Enterprise supports the following radar charts.


Radar chart type can be used to represent multivariate data plotted in rows and columns in the graphical format.

Filled Radar Chart

Filled radar chart type can be used to display radar chart with areas highlighted by different colored regions for each value.

Rose Chart

Rose Charts are a peculiar combination of the Radar Chart and Stacked Column Chart types of data visualization. It has the same advantages as a Stacked Column Chart and is helpful when working with cyclic data (months, seasons, etc.). This chart is used to explore statistical data. Meteorologists utilize this chart type as a graphical tool for illustrating a wind rose.