Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Column Chart

Column charts are vertical versions of bar charts and use x-axis as a category axis. Column charts are preferred where number of values is too large to be used on an x-axis, while bar charts are preferred where long category titles are difficult to fit on an x-axis. For example, population share of different countries across the globe can be represented using a column chart.

Wyn Enterprise supports the following types of column charts.

Column Chart

Column chart is used to compare categorical data through the vertical bars, where length of each bar represents the value of the corresponding category.

Stacked Column Chart

Stacked column chart is used to display the relationship of specific items to the whole across different categories and plot values in two-dimensional vertical rectangles. This chart stacks the data series vertically (in a vertical direction).

Percent Stacked Column Chart

Percent stacked column chart is used to perform comparisons of percentages that each of the values are contributing to the total, across all your categories in the spreadsheet. This chart stacks the data series vertically and also equalizes the plotted values to meet 100%. The plotted values are displayed in two-dimensional rectangles.