Wyn Enterprise User Guide

Wyn Enterprise: Visualize your Data with Charts and KPIs

Wyn Enterprise supports a wide range of chart types such as Area, Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Combined, Polar, Radar, Statistical and Specialized charts. It also supports new Excel 2016 statistical and specialized chart types like Sunburst, Treemap, and Funnel. The new chart types represent and analyze hierarchical data better than conventional charts.

This topic gives a quick snapshot of all major chart types and their use cases.

Chart Types Chart SnapShots Use case
Area Chart An Area chart is used to represent data that follows a time-series relationship. This type of chart is ideal when you need to show the plot change over time and depict the total value across a trend by showing the sum of the plotted values.
Bar Chart Bar charts are used for showing patterns and trends across different categories. In these charts, each horizontal bar corresponds to a category and its length corresponds to the value or measure of that category.
Column Chart Unlike bar charts, Column charts use vertical columns/bars for representing data. These charts are generally used to plot data easily on X-axis.
Combined Chart The combination of two different charts can be used in the same plot area to compare the different data sets that are related to each other.
KPI Chart                        A KPI chart is a visualization that shows Key Performance Indicators. The KPIs are factors used for monitoring how well a company or organization is doing.
Line Chart Line charts are used to plot continuously changing data against an interval of time. They can also be used to plot data against other continuous periodic values such as temperature, distance, humidity, share price, earnings per share etc.
Polar Chart Polar Chart is a common variation of circular graphs. It is useful when relationships between data points can be visualized most easily in terms of radiuses and angles.
Pie Chart Pie charts are used to represent the relative contribution of various categories. It is one of the most commonly used charts and makes it easy to compare proportions by displaying the contribution of each value (slice) to a total (pie).
Radar Chart Radar charts are radial charts that help in visualizing comparison of two or more groups of values against various features or characteristics. These charts represent each variable on a separate axis, which are arranged radially at equal distances from each other.
Statistical Chart Statistical charts help summarize and add visual meaning to key characteristics of data, including range, distribution, mean and median. It can also be used to interpret statistical data in graphical format.
Specialized Chart Specialized chart types provided by Wyn Enterprise have unique data representation to show hierarchies and relationships. Such visual comparisons allow users to analyze the data thoroughly.